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Soarway Transglobe


Seasoned world travelers, foreign service officers and members of the military may find the Soarway Transglobe a suitable companion for their exploits in faraway places like Nepal, India, or Afghanistan, where time zones are 30 or even 45 minutes apart, instead of the full hour to which the Western world has become accustomed.

The Transglobe displays the time in a second time zone in hours and minutes, making it easy to tell the time in exotic locations while keeping track of the time in the wearer's home country. In addition, the Soarway Transglobe features a day/night indicator that is synced to the second time zone. This little function is useful when determining whether it's too early or too late to phone home.

For individuals who don't enjoy globetrotting, the Transglobe is still a useful timepiece. By simply setting the second time indicator to "12:00" turns the Transglobe into a useful stopwatch for all manner of activities, from running to cooking, from parking to rehearsing a speech. Simply put, the Transglobe is a multi-purpose watch powered by a modified ETA caliber 2892-A2 (K.793).

The Soarway Transglobe arrives on Kobold's Original Canvas Expedition Strap. (stainless steel bracelet optional). 

The watch is covered by a 10-year warranty against material defects and inferior workmanship.

***The Soarway Transglobe will ship in Q3/'23.***


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