Within two decades, Kobold evolved from an importer of finished watches to a luxury goods manufacturer with in-house production across multiple product lines.

Michael Kobold begins working with master watchmaker Gerd-R. Lang, founder of Chronoswiss (Munich, Germany).

Gerd-R. Lang has an idea: sell rugged sports watches under the brand name Kobold.

Kobold begins collaboration with Helmut Sinn to produce the first series of Kobold watches. 

Kobold becomes the first watch brand to sell its watches directly over the Internet.

With the guidance of Carnegie Mellon University entrepreneurship professor Jack Roseman, the Kobold brand is trademarked and the company formally incorporated. 

Work begins on the design of a unique watch case, later named the Soarway case. The Soarway case is designed by Michael Kobold with the help of Gerd-R. Lang and the explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Release of the Phantom Chronograph, the first watch featuring the new Soarway case.

The Polar Surveyor Chronograph is released - the world's first mechanical chronograph with GMT, day/night and date indicators.

Kobold begins making heavy investments in research and development to help bring watchmaking back to the United States.

The actor and Kobold brand ambassador James Gandolfini draws his vision for a new, oversized Kobold watch on a piece of paper. 

Release of the Soarway Diver Seal, a 1,000-meter diver's watch designed by the actor James Gandolfini. 

James Gandolfini appears in a controversial international advertisement campaign featuring the Seal. 

The Spirit of America is released, the first Kobold watch assembled in Kobold's atelier in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The components for this watch are made in Germany and Switzerland.

Release of the Spirit of America Automatic, the first watch with a U.S.-made case in almost 40 years. 

Michael Kobold becomes the first watchmaker to climb to the summit of Mount Everest.

Following a second successful Everest summit expedition, Michael Kobold invites two Sherpa mountain guides to learn the art of watchmaking in Kobold's U.S. facilities.

The producers of the film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol select the Kobold Phantom as the watch for one of its main characters. The film's villain is named "the Cobalt". 

Kobold Nepal is founded in Kathmandu. Release of the Himalaya line of watches.

The Kobold Himalaya Everest Edition becomes the world's first watch with a dial made from a piece of rock from the summit of Mount Everest.

Kobold unveils Merry Oaks Farm, its new manufacturing facility outside Volant, Northwestern Pennsylvania. Merry Oaks has the first in-house watch case manufacturing facility in the United States in over 50 years. 

Above: The explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, master watchmaker Gerd-R. Lang and entrepreneurship professor Jack Roseman with their protege, Michael Kobold, at the opening of Merry Oaks Farm.

Kobold Nepal begins the in-house production of luxury travel accessories made from leather and cashmere.

Kobold watches are selected for another Mission Impossible film slated for release in 2018.

Kobold lays the groundwork for a rugged travel luggage manufacturing facility in Kathmandu, Nepal.