"Take one look at the Kobold watch on your wrist and say to yourself Embrace Adventure."

The Kobold company creed, Embrace Adventure, is more than just a catchy marketing slogan. It is a way of life. It's the spirit in which we approach everything we do - from the places where we set up our businesses, to the challenges we take on in the pursuit of innovation. From product design, to our humanitarian missions. At Kobold, we live by this creed.

Perhaps that explains why Kobold's own watchmakers have climbed to the summit of Mount Everest an astounding 20 times, and why we count among our unpaid brand ambassadors the most accomplished mountaineers, explorers and adventurers in the world. We find that this mantra rubs off on our customers as well - suddenly, previously cautious diplomats find themselves playing with silverback gorillas in Uganda's rainforest, and pampered movie stars sign up to drive fire trucks over Nepal's "highway of death".

The beauty of our mantra is that you can use it to make yourself feel better in any unnerving situation in which you may find yourself. For example, before giving a new presentation at work, or when you arrive home and realize you forgot to pick up your pregnant wife's favorite take-out and your mother-in-law is visiting. Similarly, when riding in an elevator in earthquake-prone Tokyo with impossibly hung-over Japanese businessmen, the words Embrace Adventure will take the edge off scary situations and prepare you for anything. 

So the next time you're psyched out by something, just take one look at the Kobold watch on your wrist and say to yourself Embrace Adventure

Give it a try - it works!