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Polar Surveyor Chronograph


The Polar Surveyor Chronograph is a truly legendary wristwatch. Created originally with the help of explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and master watchmaker Gerd-R. Lang, it has been in production since 2003. It took no fewer than two years to create the final prototype before the two men gave their protege -Kobold Watch Co. founder Michel Kobold- their respective nods of approval.

The Polar Surveyor Chronograph was designed from the ground up. A new, purpose-builtcase was developed to house the intricate mechanical movement. This case was later dubbed Soarway case and today forms the backbone of an entire collection of Kobold wrist instruments. The Polar Surveyor's case is made in USA. The movement was redesigned to incorporate a day/night indicator and a 24-hour hand as well as the date and chronograph functions. When it was unveiled, the Polar Surveyor was the world's first automatic-winding watch to incorporate all these functions. Powered by a modified Swiss-made ETA caliber 7750 (K.715).

Available in a 316L stainless steel or aerospace-grade titanium case.

Canvas strap. 3 years warranty. Built in USA from domestic and imported components. The Polar Surveyor Chronograph has approximately a 3-month build lead time. 

Limited production of 50 watches per year.

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