Kobold After Sales Service

After Sales Service - Overhaul


Kobold recommends an overhaul of your timepiece every three to five years.

An overhaul includes the complete disassembly of the timepiece, including the disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, lubrication, timing and adjustment of the movement, as well as the replacement any mechanical components that show signs of excessive wear (including movement components and case components). 

After being serviced, the watch will receive a new strap (not applicable for watches with metal bracelets) and perform a final water resistance test. 

On request, the overhaul also includes touching up and/or refinishing the case and bracelet.

Each overhauled watch arrives in a leather watch pouch and is covered by a standard three-year warranty (a shorter warranty timeframe is available on request and will be priced accordingly). 

Should your timepiece experience any recurring or new problems within the warranty period, Kobold will repair or replace, at our sole discretion, the timepiece free of charge.

All overhauls are performed either in the United States or in Germany. The usual turn-around time for an overhaul is 2-3 months.

For service, please mail your watch to the address below:

PO Box 382
Monroe, CT 06468


*** If the most recent service of your timepiece occurred within the years of 2018-2021, we will apply the full price of the service fee paid at the time towards the total price of the overhaul and extend the warranty by one additional year. ***

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