"For our products to achieve global recognition, they must have unique, minimalist design queues and be made to last for generations." 

Welcome to Kobold!

For the past twenty years, my colleagues and I have created a unique set of products geared for adventurers, explorers, military specialists and other professionals who lead active lifestyles. Moreover, Kobold has developed into a luxury brand that at its core has a simple message: Embrace Adventure. We live by this creed here at Kobold, and I am always surprised when I learn about some of the things my fellow Koboldians got up to - like Kevin Haugh, who likes to swim around Alcatraz Island in shark-infested waters; or Joe Baker, who goes diving in some of the least likely places. 

Over the years, Kobold has attracted a following among another set of people altogether: celebrities. I remember well the day I took a call from a man who turned out to be the actor James Gandolfini. That phone call developed into a lifelong friendship and led to the invention of the Fire Truck Expedition to Nepal. Yet more importantly, Kobold has a loyal following among folks in the military. Our Phantom and Seal watches have become so popular in those circles, that a large percentage of our yearly output is reserved for military and law enforcement. The unique look of the Phantom Black Ops Chronograph is a result of the collaboration we enjoy with the U.S. Navy SEALs, who played a critical role in designing the Black Ops. In fact, this association led me to climb to the summit of Mount Everest in 2009 and 2010, despite suffering from a fear of heights - talk about embracing adventure! 


Michael Kobold founded his eponymous brand in 1998.

Watches have always played a major role in the company's history and Kobold has been a credited with being one of two companies to ring in the renaissance of the American watch industry. Like all trail blazers, we experienced a few big bumps in the road and on a number of occasions took a stumble. Yet true to our creed, Embrace Adventure, we dusted ourselves off and continued with the same sense of purpose that inspired me to start making Kobold watches in 1998.

Today, Kobold specializes in far more than just in the manufacture of watch cases and other watch components. Over the past five years, we have developed a line of accessories that are also produced in our own ateliers. Like Kobold watches, these items are highly durable and designed for professional use. We now have a team that specializes in product development and design, which ensures greater quality and consistency. In fact, the products we turn out today are by far the best in our company's history. Especially our watches are well worth the (sometimes considerable) wait.

Each Kobold product is created with a heavy emphasis on a key Bauhaus Movement principle: That form follows function, because for our products to achieve global recognition, they must have unique, minimalist design queues and be made to last for generations. The successful implementation of this basic strategy led to Kobold enjoying much success for over twenty years. 

We want you to become a customer for life, like so many Koboldians, and we're going to do our best to earn your trust and support.

Thank you and very kind regards,
Michael Kobold