Three distinct cultural influences converge at Kobold...

Kobold - Bridging Cultures

Kobold is an international manufacturer of luxury goods. Three distinct cultural influences converge here, making our company unlike any other in the luxury goods industry.

We are committed to producing watches and travel accessories in our own workshops in both the United States and in Nepal. A German design philosophy heavily influences the way we conceive these products...we're inspired by the Bauhaus movement, which is the common thread that runs through all of our product lines, regardless of country of manufacture.

Kobold has been at the forefront of the renaissance of mechanical watches in the U.S. and we established the first mechanical watch company in the Himalayas. Our Nepal workshop turns out the finest line of travel accessories, and in 2018 we are setting up a strap manufacturing facility in our Pennsylvania location. 

From the day Kobold was founded, we have been deeply committed to expanding our skillset and to the process of vertical integration. Our U.S. operation is based near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has a vibrant metalworking and machining industry. In Nepal, we are based in the Kathmandu Valley, which boasts a thousand year-long tradition of fine metalworking and other artisanal production. 

Firmly established on two continents, we use our unique position to foster cross-cultural exchange and understanding. We do so both by moving our employees between the two countries, and by providing our international clients the opportunity to discover Nepal. 

Kobold is one of only a small handful of independent, family-owned producers of luxury goods and we rank among the top in terms of the breadth of our skillset. This in-house skillset allows us to provide our customers the opportunity to order completely custom products.