One of most underrated exotic travel destinations, Kathmandu is a city unlike any other. This vibrant Himalayan metropolis has maintained a small-town feel, thanks to its unrivaled safety, its welcoming citizens and thousand-year history.


Few people know Kathmandu better than Tinley and Harold, Kobold's brand ambassadors. Together, they'll take you on a journey through one of the busiest and exotic cities on earth. 


A Magical Place

First-time visitors to the capital of Nepal are often overwhelmed by its innumerable unique sights and sounds. Where else can you find seemingly chaotic traffic coming at you from all directions and have almost have no accidents? In the city center, you might one minute happily tour one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the next moment chance upon an elephant, peacefully foraging some nearby trees in search of food before heading back onto the main street, thus becoming a participant in the aforementioned chaotic traffic. 

Few major cities have more unexpected charm and happier, friendlier inhabitants, than Kathmandu. While gone are the days when most of the Kathmandu Valley was littered with rice patties and vast areas of other greenery, the city has maintained a lot of its Shangri La feel. Kobold's Tinley and Harold have picked out some of their favorite destinations in the Valley. 

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu (Boudha)

The Hyatt Regency Kathmandu stands out among the hundreds of small buildings clustered around the Boudhanath stupa and can easily be seen from the sky on approach to Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport. It is Nepal´s most luxurious and grandest hotel, located ten minutes’ walking distance from the Boudhanath Stupa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stretching over an area of 37 acres of land, Hyatt Regency is a green oasis and a perfect getaway from the chaotic streets of Kathmandu.

The Hyatt is the perfect place for trekkers to indulge after spending weeks in the mountains without creature comforts. You can relax by the pool surrounded by lush greenery, so far from the city’s hustle and bustle that you might think you’re not in Kathmandu. The Hyatt Regency spa is equipped with a steam room and whirlpool, and offers massages. The breakfast buffet at the Café offers a wide range of choices of continental and Indian dishes. For a dinner choice, visit Rox restaurant, offering continental cuisine. The beetroot spelt risotto is an amazing vegetarian option, and the delectable sirloin carpaccio a favorite dish among meet lovers.

Shivapuri Heights Cottages (Shivapuri Heights)

Shivapuri Heights Cottages are located on the edge of the Shivapuri National Park. The traditionally designed cottages offer a peaceful escape from the chaos of Kathmandu city and are popular with expats and Nepalis alike. The cottages are owned by wonderfully charming British and Nepali owners, who are happy to share their insights about the real life and culture in Nepal as well as provide recommendations about day trips around Kathmandu Valley.

Enjoy the breath-taking views of Kathmandu in a homely and intimate atmosphere. Indulge yourself in a delicious home -made food or take the time to unwind and relax after a yoga class. This is also a perfect stop after a full day trek in Shivapuri National Park or for those who wish to explore surroundings and the rural outskirts areas of Kathmandu Valley.


Hotel Dwarika's (Ring Road)

This Kathmandu luxury boutique hotel reflects rich Newari cultural and architectural heritage. Located just off a busy, dusty main road, it is a walking distance from the Pashupatinath temple complex. Once you pass the gates and step into the courtyard, you will be thrown back in time.  The collection of artefacts and a cluster of redbrick buildings with wooden carvings ensemble the traditional style of the Newari architecture that can be observed in Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur Durbar Squares. The wooden carvings show the fine work and superb craftsmen skills that the Newari culture is famous for.

The hotel has a swimming pool and a spa offering traditional Tibetan and Ayurvedic treatments in Himalayan tradition. The three restaurants located in separate areas within Dwarikas complex offer diverse menus that suit every taste. If you wish to embark on a journey through traditional Nepali cuisine, head to Krishnarpan, the Nepali speciality restaurant at Dwarikas. For a lighter option, try Japanese fine dining at Mako whilst Toran is a place that will satisfy cravings for continental cuisine. A drink in the Fusion bar overlooking the swimming pool will complete the evening.


Chez Caroline (Baber Mahal Revisited) - French, Continental

If you want to find a piece of France in Kathmandu, head to Chez Caroline. The restaurant is located off a beaten path, tucked away in a courtyard of Babar Mahal Revisited, an old Rana Palace building but is easily reachable by car from Thamel or Patan.  Chez Caroline offers an extensive choice of French, Italian and Continental food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and you will even find German sausages on the menu. Gazpacho is an excellent choice especially in a hot season, for something more filling try the savoury crepes or a fillet steak. We highly recommend leaving space for desert as an impressive list of over 30 deserts awaits you. Our choice includes Dark Chocolate Mousse and Crème Brulée, but you can also go for a lighter option such as home -made sorbet. Don’t be afraid to practice your French language skills with the waiters. We assure you that in contrast to Parisian waiters you will be welcomed with a warm and friendly smile, even if your French is not perfect.


Fire & Ice (Thamel) – Italian

Fire & Ice is conveniently located just before the entrance to Thamel. It offers Italian cuisine, and if you are a Pizza lover, you will not be disappointed by the extensive choice of flavours that this place offers. Fire&Ice Pizzas are as closest you will get in terms of authenticity considering you are in Nepal and their delicious ice-cream is a top choice for desert. The buzzing restaurant is a popular hangout amongst tourists and residents and can become very busy during the dinner time. If you plan to visit it as part of a larger group, we advise to make a reservation in advance.


Le Sherpa (Maharajgunj) – Continental

Contrary to what the name implies, Le Sherpa does not serve traditional Sherpa dishes. A hidden gem that is tucked away from the busy main road in Mahajgunj, the restaurant offers fine dining experience in a romantic and elegant setting. The high ceilings with an interior wooden deco adds an elegant yet simple touch that provides a rustic charm to the inside dining area. The outside sitting area is located in an open courtyard overlooking a green area where the famous Le Sherpa farmers market takes place every Saturday. We recommend not to miss the brunch at Le Sherpa on Saturday, after a stroll at the farmers market. Get yourself a seat on the terrace and enjoy the city's most delicious Eggs Benedict. 

Le Mirch (Pulchowk) – Indian

The franchise that originated in Washington DC has opened its first restaurant in Kathmandu. Located in Labim Mall, Le Mirch offers contemporary Indian cuisine with a French touch in a clean and casual environment. The place is popular amongst Nepalese families and expats alike, you will find it buzzing especially on Friday evenings. The staff are friendly and always helpful to explain the menu and provide recommendations according to your taste. The generous portions of meat and vegetarian biryani dishes are perfect for sharing. They can be complemented by tandoori or tikka options, with a freshly baked naan. For vegetarian curry option we found the aubergine curry delicious.


Lhakpa's Chulo (Jhamsikhel) – Swiss

Located just off the famous Restaurant Road in the heart of Jhamshikel, the Lhakpa Chulo is easily missed if you don’t know that it is there. Hidden behind the parking space just opposite the Road House, walk down the narrow alley way and you will find the restaurant on the right hand of a small intersection. It has an outdoor and an indoor sitting area. The interior of the restaurant is a simple setting, with wooden tables scattered around three sitting areas. Whilst you will not feel like you are in Switzerland, it does have a surprisingly delicious Geschnetzeltes serverd on a traditional Rosti. It is a unique choice in Kathmandu and perfect for a casual meal.


Chimney Room (Durbar Margh) - Russian, Continental

The Chimney Room is the oldest fine dining establishment in Kathmandu,located in the historical Yak and Yeti Hotel. Both establishments were founded by Boris Lissanevitch, a legendary Russian who is considered the father of tourism in Nepal – a first person to bring a tourist group into the forbidden kingdom.

A large open fire chimney room, after which the restaurant carries its name, is situated in the middle of one of the dining areas. The Chimney Room serves continental food option, but its Russian roots are reflected in the menu. The Borscht, Russian beetroot soup is the signature dish and one of our favourites. The Chimney room feels like heaven on a chilly winter evening in Kathmandu. With an open fire place in a small cosy dining area with dimmed light makes it a perfect place for an intimate evening meal.


Patan Durbar Square


Kathmandu Valley Overview

Hotels & Lodges

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu (Boudha)

Shivapuri Heights Cottages (Shivapuri Heights)

Hotel Dwarika's (Ring Road)

Marriott Courtyard (Thamel)

Hotel Vajra (Swayambhunath)



Chez Caroline (Baber Mahal Revisited) - French, Continental

Fire & Ice (Thamel) - Italian

Le Sherpa (Maharajgunj) - Continental

Le Mirch (Jhamsikhel) - Indian

Lhakpa's Chulo (Jhamsikhel) - Swiss

Chimney Room (Durbar Margh) - Russian, continental

Roadhouse Cafe (Boudha, Thamel) - pizza, continental

Pho 99 (Boudha, Jhamsikhel) - Vietnamese

Roxx (Boudha) - Italian, continental

Ghar-e-Khabab (Dubar Margh) - Indian

Arniko Room (Durbar Margh) - Chinese

Flat Iron Grill (Lazimpat) - BBQ, burgers

Nina's (Maharajgunj) - Continental, burgers

ShaVi's Berlin - German "Currywurst" & fries



Himalayan Java (Thamel, Boudha, Patan Durbar Square, Jhamsikhel, Basanthapur)

Top of the World (Jhamsikhel)

Cafe Soma (Lalitpur)

The Cake Shop (Durbar Margh)



Hike to see the Himalayas (Shivapuri Heights).

Ride a mountain bike to Nagarkot.

Meet the elephant that sometimes roams Kathmandu's streets (and sleeps at the zoo).

Experience local art (Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal Revisited).

Get lost in Kathmandu's old town (off Durbar Squre).

Tour the UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Boudhanath Stupa, Patan Durbar Squre, Pashupatinath).

Take a cable car to see the Himalayas and overlook the Kathmandu Valley (Chandragiri Cable Car).

Tour the ancient city of Bhaktapur, a place where time stood still.

Escape the hubbub of Kathmandu in the Garden of Dreams (outside Thamel).

Watch a blockbuster film in the QFX cinema inside the Labim Mall.



Baber Mahal Revisited 

Durbar Margh


Labim Mall

Le Sherpa Saturday farmer's market