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Nepal Fire Truck Expedition Timekeeper


Nepal is grappling under a severe shortage of medical oxygen, causing hundreds of Covid-related deaths that could be prevented with proper treatment. The aggressive Indian double-mutation of Covid-19 is sweeping across Nepal and has already caused its anemic hospital system to collapse. With not enough oxygen plants to fill cylinders, the people of Nepal are in need of our immediate support!

After conducting a poll among tens of thousands of Nepalese citizens, Kobold has decided to use part of the proceeds from the sale of the Fire Truck Expedition Timekeeper to raise funds for an oxygen plant. Once this plant has been delivered to Nepal, the Fire Truck Expedition Timekeeper will once again serve its original purpose: To sustain our ongoing efforts to send at least one firefighting vehicle to Nepal. 

Since 2015, Kobold has been pursuing a grand adventure in the tradition of past Kobold-sponsored exploits: The Nepal Fire Truck Expedition. All worthwhile pursuits are littered with obstacles and the fire truck expedition has seen its share - geopolitical machinations, inter-governmental rivalries, attempted bribe-taking and much more! Despite these many setbacks, Kobold continues its pursuit of delivering at least one American fire engine to Nepal and then organizing an overland expedition around the country with this vehicle as the centerpiece.

At Kobold, we are proud of our commitment to Nepal. The ancient city of Kathmandu, along with Pittsburgh and Berlin, is one of three homes of the Kobold brand of watches and expedition tools. Koboldians who support this cause receive a $250 credit towards the purchase of Kobold accessories (straps, leather accessories, etc.) or out-of-warranty service. 

Thank you for your consideration!

The Fire Truck Expedition Timekeeper is covered by a Non-transferrable Lifetime Warranty - "If it breaks, we replace it!" 





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