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The Navy SEAL Warrior Fund provides crucial support to SEALs and their families

The Everest Challenge for a Good Cause

In April and May 2009, we climbed Mount Everest in support of the Navy SEAL Warrior Fund. Our hope was to raise awareness of the Fund’s admirable work, as well as to elicit donations from the public who were following our adventure in the media and online at

The Navy SEAL Warrior Fund is a public charity that ensures the welfare and support of widows of fallen Navy SEALs, as well as of Navy SEALs who are injured. Its importance lies in the peace of mind that the Fund offers SEALs when they go into battle; they know that no matter how their mission turns out, their loved ones are cared for back home. The Navy SEAL Warrior Fund relies solely on public support. Even a small donation of $5.00 can help the fund provide critical support to SEALs and their families. Please consider making a donation to the Fund and know that by doing so, you are directly impacting the morale of those whose work we hold in such high esteem.

The Fund has raised over $6 million to date and is run solely by volunteers, so you can take additional comfort in knowing that whatever donation you choose to make will go directly towards the intended cause. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Ranulph Fiennes, Bt. O.B.E Brand Ambassador in Chief Michael Kobold Founder, CEO

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