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Kobold Yellow Object Digits

Kobold presents the Yellow Object Digits! Limited edition of 500 numbered watches. Water resistant to 100 meters, shock-proof. Time, stopwatch, alarm, light.

Hong Kong is lost. It's dead. A bastion of freedom wiped out by a totalitarian regime. Enter the Kobold Yellow Object Digits - the follow-up watch to the original Yellow Object, the Kobold "beater watch" released at the start of the protest movement in 2018. This watch, too, is yellow. For a while we thought about making this watch black -the color of death- to mark the passing of Hong Kong the way we all knew and loved this wonderful city. Yet in black, the "Digits" would not be the same bright symbol of the HK Protest Movement and therefore less of a conversation starter.

Why did we name this watch "Digits"?  Because once the protesters are arrested, they are simply anonymous numbers in a vast system of political prisoners. We cannot forget these brave activists and the sacrifices they continue to make with each passing day of their incarceration. 

The idea of Hong Kong lives on, as does the efforts by Hong Kong Free Press to cover the carnage that occurs daily in the streets of Hong Kong. Hence, as with the original Kobold Yellow Object, sales of the "Digits" benefit HKFP. 

Embrace Adventure - Defend Hong Kong.

The Yellow Object Digits is covered by a lifetime warranty. Anything goes wrong and we'll repair or place it.

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