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Yellow Object cuff links


The matching pair of cuff links to complement the Yellow Object wristwatch. 20mm diameter.

The Hong Kong protests are becoming more violent - radical protestors are clashing with an increasingly aggressive police force. Violence is not the answer, in fact violence is counter productive for the objectives of both sides. 

However, the fact is that most protestors are peaceful, showing their displeasure with an oppressive, quasi-totalitarian regime. These peaceful protestors have increasingly become targets of unwarranted police violence. Yet in the age of disinformation and fake news, the Hong Kong Police Department has repeatedly twisted the facts to present its officers in the most favorable light. 

Recently, Amnesty International released a short video showing a protester -clad in yellow- laying on the ground while being assaulted by policemen. In a subsequent press conference, HKPD referred to protester as "a yellow object" and denied knowledge of what this object was that the policemen were kicking.  

This is when the idea for the Kobold Yellow Object was born. It's a collection of products designed for folks to express their support for the people of Hong Kong - for the peaceful protesters! These products - a watch, a pair of cuff links, a canvas bag - signal an unwavering belief in democratic values, especially freedom of expression, fair and open elections - and a police force that is held accountable. 

Kobold has long history of social and political activism. Most recently, we aided the people of Nepal in their struggle during the 2015-16 economic blockade by India. (Read more about this: https://www.michaelkobold.com) We do these things in the spirit of our late brand ambassador, James Gandolfini. In that sense, the Yellow Object products are the equivalent of the middle finger raised in the direction of the Hong Kong Police, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and the Government of China.

Whether you're a resident of Hong Kong, a traveler visiting China or Hong Kong, or sitting at home and quietly want to show your support for the protesters and their cause, the Yellow Object products are the ideal accessories for you.

Profits from this project are distributed as follows: 50% of the profits go to Hong Kong Free Press, a non-profit independent media organization, and 50% go to Amnesty International Hong Kong.

The Yellow Object cuff links will ship in November. 

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