Early Kobold Endurance A

Gavin T.

Member since: Oct. 16, 2016
Hi, I thought I would share my experience with my Kobold Endurance which I bought on line, about 1998. It's serial number 0186. I have worn this watch whilst diving to 140' in the English Channel, whilst skiing in temperatures down to -22 and when rallying, including the Paris Dakar Classic, East African Safari and World Cup. To say it has seen action would be an understatement. It has never let me down and once travelled over 100km across the Sahara, in a sandstorm, strapped to my wrist in an open cockpit. The edge of the bezel is a little worn but otherwise it's in the same condition as it was when new and keeps excellent time. I have several more expensive watches by famous brands but when the situation demands utter reliability, I often reach for my Kobold. I wear it with a Hirsch water-proof curved end 'Alligator' strap with heavy stitching and it looks great. One tip - if you are abroad and you start the stop watch at 12 noon GMT, you can read the GMT time zone off the lower sub-dial - neat! I only wish it had screw-in pins.


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