Soarway Seal in the wild!

Ian C.

Member since: Jul. 02, 2013
Love this latest Kobold.
Big, bold and yet demure with its bead blasted finish.
The California dial is appealing and the 'retro' numeral font application is fetching.
Very nice work, Kobold. Thanks.
P.S. Have it on a black 2-ring Zulu. There should be a Kobold signed one!
Ken H.

Member since: Oct. 11, 2013
Looks really good! How's the bezel action on that model? Is it a 60 or 120 click bezel?
Chris A.

Member since: Mar. 22, 2014
Finally a non-stock picture.. I'm in on this one!
Ian C.

Member since: Jul. 02, 2013
The bezel is tight and clicks solidly. 120 clicks.
Not sure if this is a ceramic ball system or not.
Stacy S.

Member since: Mar. 12, 2014
Great looking little machine. Wear it well!


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