Forum Etiquette

The Official Kobold Forum is a gathering place for the Kobold community around the world. This is where "Koboldians", including Kobold's founder and employees, come together to exchange ideas, show off their collection and latest acquisitions, as well as discuss products, designs, and the brand's diverse themes (explorers, military, adventure, Made in USA manufacturing, Nepal, etc.). The Official Kobold Forum is a place where free and original thought is encouraged so long as the spirit of a specific thread or post is positive. Negativity is not tolerated. Think of it as taking your kids to a ball game - fun, peaceful, clean. Forum members are free to discuss topics of any kind relating to the Kobold brand but are reminded that this freedom is only a relative freedom that is bound by the rules below.

All users are required to adhere to the following rules of the Official Kobold Forum.

  1. Be respectful and courteous to the forum community.

    As this is a public forum, users can post messages in anonymity, which offers many benefits but also has the potential to bring out the worst in people ("On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog"). Therefore, on this forum, rants, complaints, slights, attacks and bad language of any kind will not be tolerated. Trolls are not welcome. Criticism is permitted but only if it is expressed in a positive and respectful manner.

  2. Please be informative and helpful to the forum community by checking your facts before you post.

    All too often, Internet fora contain a lot of misinformation. If you have something of value to contribute, you are most welcome to do so on this forum. However, if a thread or post is characterized as containing more misinformation, rumors or baseless speculation, forum moderators will end the discussion by deleting the thread.

  3. Stay "On Topic".

    Follow-up posts to existing threads should be in keeping with the theme/topic of the original thread. Don't digress or hijack an existing threat, instead start a new thread.

  4. Please voice customer complaints to Kobold via email, or use the telephone - not this forum.

    Do not misuse this forum to post complaints about products or service of the Kobold company. If you experience a problem, you are welcome to contact Kobold directly (, 1-877-SOARWAY).