Kobold Ambassador

Russell Brice

New Zealander Russell Brice has been a mountaineer for four decades and has been leading expeditions in the Himalaya since 1974. Russ is the man behind Himalayan Experience (HimEx), the leading expedition company in Nepal. Held in high esteem by Sherpas and Western climbers alike for his pioneering work in making Mt. Everest a safer mountain to climb, Russ is known best for his lead role in the Discovery Channel series Everest: Beyond the Limit. Despite his notoriety, Russell exudes a calm and sincere nature that is as disarming as his Kiwi accent. We are very honored to have a Kobold brand ambassador in Russell Brice.


The smaller Himalaya comes in a 41mm case but packs no less of a punch than its bigger brother.


The world’s first watch with a dial made of rock collected from the top of Mount Everest.